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Our products

We specialize in manufacturing medium to high volume metal parts with high precision. We serve a large variety of industries range from automobile, Industrial and household appliances market.

Our major products include: nuts, pins, bushings, shaft, screw machining, worms & gears, etc...

We can meet the requirements of ..............

Turning tolerance : Dia0.007mm 
Surface Roughness : Ra 0.03 μm
Roundness tolerance Dia.<12mm : 0.002mm


Engine blade, accessories around the door frame, landing gear support, chassis bracket or landing flap track

The processing of aerospace products is the direction of the company's vigorous development in recent years. In response to the increasing difficulty in processing aerospace components such as engine discs, shaft parts, turbine shovel, landing gear, etc., various new materials, new structures, and new technologies emerge in an endless stream, and the company's requirements for machining tools are constantly improving. Alloy matrix, new coating technology and macro-groove and micro-groove of cutting tools continue to invest in prop cost and strive to provide customers with satisfactory products.

For the processing of corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant materials such as aerospace titanium alloys and high-temperature alloys, the company will be able to meet the needs of customers and use the CAM program commonly used in the aerospace industry to develop non-standard processing strategies for all dimple shapes of structural parts. Provide tools, solutions and services for the entire process.

To meet the special requirements of aviation industry customers, we are not afraid of the complex structure of aviation products. Whether it is rough, fine or fine processing, we will be able to gain your recognition in processing efficiency, processing precision and product quality.

Medical equipment parts

Regardless of the front shape processing, the post-processing process, and the intermediate insertion process, we can achieve the best processing of medical device parts and strive for perfect scores

In the field of medical equipment parts processing, our technology has always been the industry leader. In addition to CNC precision machining, we will combine other machining processes to improve the machining accuracy of the product according to the product structure and precision requirements. Regardless of the front shape processing, the post-processing process, and the intermediate insertion process, we can achieve the best processing of medical device parts and strive for perfect scores. Utilizing leading CNC technology, equipped with the industry's top high-precision tool tester, the precision is improved from the source of the processing tool. For the position that CNC machining can't process, the electric spark (discharge) process is used to make the product fully meet the customer's drawing requirements.   

Auto parts

Solved the shortcomings of insufficient precision, easy deformation, easy rust, short service life, etc.

In the processing of auto parts, our technology is constantly improving, we develop all kinds of tools independently, and provide effective solutions. We have fully utilized the product processing technology and are able to cope with various processing needs of auto parts for conventional parts. As well as the processing technology processing of precision parts brackets, we combine the traditional and innovative forms to effectively solve the shortcomings of insufficient precision, easy deformation, easy rust and short service life.

From a technical perspective, the production team strictly controls each process. We focus on the to perfect the products.  

processing of products, cold stamping, metal cutting, heat treatment, etc. in the processing of blanking, punching, drawing, bending, flanging, trimming, and car, planing, milling and grinding. , and strive  

Household appliances

The processing of home appliance parts has always been our leading product, accounting for 50% of the company's total production value. With 45 years of experience, we have established a complete supply chain to ensure the stable control of the source, effectively guarantee the timely delivery of products, production. The process tracks part processing progress in real time.  

The company's technical team has developed an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly production model that saves energy and saves manufacturing space and resources, making us a unique leader in the industry.


Industrial products

Rigorous process requirements, to minimize development costs and cycles for customers

For the processing of industrial parts, the company's technical team can accurately and accurately grasp the customer's product design, research and development requirements, and provide customers with a complete set of tailor-made solutions. At the same time, with a large number of advanced equipment, the production team will be able to follow the science. Rigorous process requirements, to the greatest extent reduce development costs and cycles for customers.   

Catering to the customer's batch production requirements or personalization, we can do it better than yours. Turning tolerance: 0.007mm diameter, surface roughness: Ra0.03μm, roundness tolerance diameter <12mm: 0.002mm, such product fineness, will ensure that your project will become a veritable boutique with the cooperation of our company team.


Our processed products are widely used in various fields such as machinery, machine tools, home appliances, daily necessities, etc. The processed parts are outstanding in connection, support, mechanical transmission, lubrication and sealing.

With the market demand for high-precision products, the requirements for some complex and delicate parts are getting higher and higher, and our products have also shown sufficient quality to fully meet the current digital TV, computer, digital camera and other digital The requirements for "lightweight, miniaturized, and beautiful" of home appliances.

Contact us about our precision machining capabilities.......

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