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导读: 日前,在上海举行的第20届中国国际工业博览会上,由哈工大机器人集团(HRG)自主研发并取得关键技术突破的减速器、驱控一体化关节、协作机器人控制器等工业机器人核心零部件集中亮相,引起海内外业内人士广泛关注。

How Swiss Screw Machines Work

16 September, 2018 /
Screw machines are automated lathes which can machine turned parts. The appellation “screw machine” might be slightly misleading, as they don’t actually screw anything in, nor do they necessarily thread…
Asian automaker replaces machined aluminum in an injection molded oil control valve with carbon fiber-reinforced composite. An Asian automaker has replaced machined aluminum with a unique carbon fiber-reinforced composite in…
Paul Maxted, director of industrial metrology applications at global engineering technologies company, Renishaw discusses how intelligent manufacturing is benefiting the metalcutting industry. A machine tool probe application at Triumph Fabrications…

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