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 After giant aerospace companies duke it out for lucrative defense and commercial airline contracts, the subcontracting games begin. Opportunities can be plentiful, but shops in unfamiliar territory can get themselves…
Rotating one-piece solid carbide tools traditionally dominate the market for diameter ranges of up to 20mm and indexable tool manufacturers have not yet succeeded in penetrating this solid stronghold. Several…
北美五金工具界盛事全美五金展(NHS),已於5月8日於拉斯維加斯Las Vegas Convention Center登場。展出第二天(9日)我駐洛杉磯台北經濟文化辦事處經濟組副組長侯文奇,蒞臨展場為台灣廠商加油打氣。

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Dongguan Tien Fai Metal Manufactory

Corporate Office

  • Room 2105, Kodak House II, 39 Healthy Street East, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
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  • Hung Lee Industrial District, Mao Bin Management Area Town of Liao Bu Dong Guan, Guang Dong Province
  • (86-769) 8332-1027
  • sales@tienfai.com.cn
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